Sunday, December 31, 2000

Dear Liam: 3.5

Dearest Liam Davy,

You are three and a half years old today! How? I don't know, but you are growing so quickly and learning so much that I'm glad to take a minute to document you. Even though that means you are halfway to four!

You are such a big, tall boy. You are always mistaken for much older than you are. You are around 44 inches tall, and 40ish pounds. You are still wearing a 4T, and a 9/10 shoe.

You do not love to eat these days, and, being a formerly ridiculously picky child, I try to understand and give you healthy options. You still consistently love fruit and will eat squeezy pouches of veggies for which we are very thankful. You are basically a vegetarian. The only meat you will consume is chic-fil-a chicken nuggets. You eat a lot of chex cereal and drink lots of milk.

Buddy, you are so smart and you love going to school. You go to preschool at daddy's school three and a half days a week and you attend a public preschool two afternoons a week where you receive speech therapy and physical therapy, for fine motor skills. You are a very busy 3.5 year old and we sometimes worry that you are doing too much school. But you really thrive on the routine of it all, and you missed your teachers and friends so badly during spring break.

Your relationship with your little brother is one of my favorite things to watch develop. You genuinely love him and are thoroughly annoyed by him most of the time, typical sibling relationship. Sometimes you play so well together and sometimes you are a bit of a bully. But you are good at apologizing and always worry about "Judesy Roe" when he is not in the same room. You boys love to laugh together, dance, hug, clap, and chase one another.

Liam, you are hilarious and we absolutely delight in your antics. Lately you are obsessed with being a puppy. You bark and pant and insist on eating cereal like a dog. You wear a silly safari hat everywhere we go and love to go to the "red supermarket" (target). You are an excellent dancer and do brilliant break dance routines quite often. You are deeply infatuated with guitars and will mimic the moves and facial expressions of guitarists on concerts that we record, which is hilarious. Your favorite movie right now is "Frozen" and you absolutely adore "friend Elsa." Watching your creativity and imagination blossom is amazing, I hope to cultivate you into someone who always thinks outside of the box.

Favorites: being outside, hats, Frozen, ice cream cones, Peppa Pig, snow, garbage trucks, tractors, suckers, your cozy coup, building castles, music, dancing, bubbles, and taking showers. Dislikes: trying new foods, transitioning, potty training, changes to routine, sharing, circle time, and waiting patiently.

Liam bird, you are such a charming little boy. You clearly know how to have fun and that draws others to you. You are a compassionate little boy who knows what he wants and does not want. I think those are valuable traits. You are funny and sweet and smart and I don't think I could love you more if I tried. You are so special to everyone who knows you and I hope to make sure you know that all of your days. We think you are practically perfect in every way.

Love you forever, and ever,