Monday, May 24, 2010

15 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 15 Weeks, 2 Days
Size of baby: 4 to 5 inches, 3 to 5 ounces; avocado
Total Weight Gain: 0
Maternity Clothes: I can still wear my normal jeans and clothes.  I have to were a be band with most of my work pants though because they won't button!
Gender: Unknown.  And we do not want to find out.  Feel free to tell us we are crazy, but we will continue to do it our way.  :)
Movement: Haven't felt anything yet.  My books say give it till 20 weeks or so.
Sleep: I miss being able to sleep on my stomach.  And I have some crazy dreams, crazier than my normal ones!
Symptoms: Still having morning (all day) sickness at least one or two days a week, but this has drastically improved over the last few weeks.  Fatigue has also improved.  Dizziness and shortness of breath are my two new friends.  Hopefully they will subside soon!
Food Cravings/Aversions:  No cravings so far, I have been having to remind myself to eat.  I currently have aversions to coffee and chocolate.  Dark chocolate in particular, which I usually love, is disgusting to me.  Every time I eat a caesar salad I wind up seeing it again.  Not sure if that is an aversion since I still want to eat them, but the baby definitely does not approve.   
What I am looking forward to: Increased energy during this trimester and the end of morning sickness for good!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

new mattress!

Ryan and I made our first big purchase of our marriage and bought a new mattress with our tax refund money.  Now, just so you know, for the past (almost!) four years our marriage bed was a full sized bed!  While we definitely love to snuggle, the full sizer was A) super super uncomfortable, and B) about to get completely outgrown by my soon-to-be-large preggo belly.

So, we upgraded in more ways than one.  We moved to a queen size and got a super nice mattress with a memory foam pillow top.  The mattress was delivered yesterday and we slept like kings and queens last night!  This mattress is really thick and sits up about 6 inches higher than our previous bed so every time I got up in the night to go potty I stumbled out of bed because I wasn't used to the height difference.  Gus also had a little lesson to learn about jumping on the bed.  The first time he attempted he close lined himself and I was worried he wouldn't be able to jump up on the bed anymore.  However, he proved me wrong.  Smart puppy only needs to fall once to learn how to get up on the big bed!

We are so excited for being able to sleep comfortably and to have room to grow!  Yippee!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the great flood of '010

If you haven't already heard, last weekend Nashville suffered a flood like the city has never seen.  
Thousands of homes were destroyed, thousands were displaced, cars were ruined, and ultimately lives were lost.  

I am deeply saddened by what I see when I watch the news and drive around my city.  The city that I love is still waist high in water in some places.  People are still missing.  And our water supplies are dwindling.  

If you pray, please pray for Nashville.  If you give, please give to or the red cross.  If you volunteer, please come and help.  

It will be a long, expensive, and heartbreaking process--but we will survive.  Nashville is a wonderful place, and I am honored to call it my home.

This blog was published yesterday and I encourage you to read it, a wonderfully written piece that truly displays the heart of the city.