Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Jude: 15 months

Dear baby Jude,

Happy fifteen month birthday! Buddy, you are such a joy and you have had such a big month! This is the month you became a toddler, you'll always be my baby, but you're definitely pushing quickly into little boydom.

You are a full-time walker! And by walker, I mean runner. You are constantly on the go! You love to climb as well as run, you are constantly keeping us on our toes.

Along with walking, you started going to "school" this month! I think you feel like such a big boy going off to school with daddy and Liam. You seem to really enjoy yourself and you like to play with the other babies. You still hang out with Aunt 'Risa, Uncle Mate, and your cousins one day a week.

Love, you are a jibber jabber! You love to run your mouth and say so many words. You are constantly talking, babbling, and screaming into fake microphones. You also love to dance. So, basically you are a loud, wiggly little thing...and we love that about you!

Your appetite is still quite voracious. You eat anything and everything and lots of it, please! You love eggs, cheese, yogurt, strawberries, oranges, and pasta. So far, the only thing you don't like are black beans. And I don't blame you. You love to feed yourself most finger foods and we are pretty sure you will be a lefty based on your "eating hand."

You have seven teeth, wear a size four diaper, size 12-18 month clothes, a size 3 shoe (tiny), and that's all I know for sure. We go for your 15 month check up next week, based on a recent ear infection I know you weigh about 23 pounds.

Favorites: pulling on the dogs hair/tails, eating, climbing out of the bathtub, your plastic fireman hat, stuffed animals, anything Liam is playing with, running outside, climbing on the fireplace, mommy, climbing the stairs, music, trying to get into the pantry, pulling clothes out of drawers, carrying puzzle pieces around, and waving.

Judesy, one of the most common words we use to describe you is, "determined." I have never known someone so focused on one thing. If you want to do something, you can just about overpower me to do it, kind of scary. We are hoping to harness this trait for good. You can already do anything you put your mind to, and that's a beautiful thing to see in a baby. I hope you always insist on doing things that you are passionate about. You are such a sweet boy, we love to cuddle you and you frequently crawl into our laps while playing and rest your sweet head for a few precious moments. You are absolutely adored, my dear. And please, don't ever forget it.

Love you forever, and ever,