Friday, March 29, 2013

Dear Jude: 4 Months

Dear Baby Jude,

First of all, I hope you realize that, regardless of how old you get, we will always call you "baby Jude." It just rolls off the tongue. You are four months old and, once again, I'm amazed at how quickly another month has passed.

You had your four month check-up at the pediatrician yesterday and we found out that you weigh 14 pounds, 7 ounces (40th%) and are 24 inches long (20th%)! You are growing so well and we are so thankful!

Buddy, you're doing great developmentally as well and don't seem to be delayed from being a preemie at all! You are holding your head up and have great neck control and have rolled over from tummy to back a few times!

You have dropped a few feedings and are nursing 6 times a day. You are taking between 5 and 6 ounces of breast milk while I'm at work and always do really well with your bottles, yay! We got the okay to start solids, so you will be trying cereal in the next week!

Sleep wise, you're still pretty unpredictable but have been doing well. Sometimes you will have a 9 hour stretch of sleep at night, but it's usually between 6 & 7. I'm not complaining, I have faith you'll stretch it out longer soon! I think we are rapidly approaching the end of your swaddling sleep which will be an adjustment for sure!

Sweet boy, we are having so much fun watching you learn and grow! You continue to be a little snuggle bug and you looooove any attention you are given. I have to be careful not to make eye contact with you when I feed you in the middle of the night because once I do you stop eating and smile and laugh and coo. It's absolutely precious, but we need our sleep! For every minute that you scream, you also smile...we appreciate that trade off. You're starting to notice and pay attention to Liam. The other day the two of you smiled and laughed at each other for ten minutes straight--it completed my life. Being your mommy has already been so much fun, I can't wait to see what you do next!

Love you forever, and ever,

Monday, March 25, 2013

We have a roller!

Today is Jude's 4 month birthday and to celebrate he decided to roll over for the very first time...twice! Mommy missed them both, but I got a picture of him once he was worn out!

I will be back on Thursday with his 4 month update. I want to wait until after his pediatrician appointment so we have his measurements. Love, love, love this little boy!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My best friend's wedding

If you follow me on Facebook, twitter, or instagram you may have noticed that my best friend got married yesterday!

I was so thrilled to be able to stand up with her as she married her prince charming, what an honor! I was also thrilled to be reunited with "my Garton family." Mary and I were so inseparable growing up that I know and love all of her extended family as well.

Along with being an all-around amazing person, Mary is also the craftiest and most creatively artsy person I know. She planned, created, and concocted every detail of her wedding. It was stunningly beautiful and so much fun!

Here are a few shots I took with my phone, I cannot wait to see the professional images!

(these "trees" were lovingly "rescued" from random stranger's yards after and ice storm, spray painted, and bedecked with mirrored ornaments and candles...gorgeous)

(burlap, candles, and tree trunks, can't go wrong)

(sister Sarah pinning on Brett's boutineer)

(Gorgeous hydrangea bouquet, made by friend Kaylee, adorned with a cameo from Mae's late Nonna)

(the grounds of the camp she got married at had a CAROUSEL, that we got to use for pictures! So. Much. Fun.)

(this is Jen, Mae's step-sister, she made the wedding gown. Yup.)

(The most laid back bride in the history of forever, putting my screw-on earrings on for me.)


Mae, you have always been "my most beautiful friend," and I've always meant that about your physical beauty and your character, but you outdid even yourself yesterday! Thanks for letting me share in your joy and for always making me laugh. I'm so thankful we got to chose each other as sisters so many years ago that it's just who we are now. Love you forever, Sarah