Monday, September 17, 2007

three hundred and sixty five.

yesterday was our first anniversary! yay! we had a fantastic celebration that started thursday night with a damien rice concert and concluded yesterday with a lunch cruise on the general jackson showboat! we had a blast spending time together, as usual. we are still madly in love after all of these days...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

in a flash...

this is going to be quick, because i'm at the library. sorry it's been a month since a post, but life has been crazy! crazy good though. soon i will no longer have to untilize the internet at the library because we will be able to afford our own internet connection... i got my assistant manager promotion and will be started at a different store september 11th. i'm really excited! we took a most wonderful vacation to colorado for summer and toby's wedding, and to visit the amazing fam. and next week we will be traveling to the great states of arkansas and oklahoma for brian and lindsey's wedding. so like i said, busy. hopefully things will slow down and we can actually get back to regularly posting. and i will eventually get around to putting up pictures of the house. i promise.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

unpacking.........for days

so I finally got most of the stuff unpacked and set up in various places. I put the books on their shelves and tried my luck as an interior favorite part has been climbing up the ladder into the pits of hell known as my attic. the ladder is older than the house. it creaks and shakes and the hole at the top is small so boxes don't like to go through it. plus it's awkward trying to balance my weight and the wieght of the box in a position to lift it over my head and up a ladder. whose idea was attic storage anyway? doesn't seem to safe. heavy boxes, rickety ladder, small opening, well sounds like a night in the er or at least a hole in the wall from a foot or heel slipping off of the ladder. so.....after i get up in the attic what happens.....wham! a 2x4! literally. it's dark and it's not fit for tall people. so I fumble around and find a light.....I've been up here for 30 seconds and I lose 5 pounds of sweat.....the worst is yet to come....insulation. It sticks to my arms and gets in my eyes at it's the kind of insulation that they spray in and fill...but finally after three days up and down the ladder I am happy to announce that most of the house is unpacked! i put my feet up, sat on the couch, sipped hot tea, and watched a coldplay tour documentery on the tv! it's nice to have a tv again......

Friday, July 27, 2007

home, boxes.

so, we're moved in! yay! praise the lord! however, work schedules and exhaustion have made the unpacking a little slow. things are looking better, but the empty boxes are piling up. i can't decide if i want to throw them away or store them in the attic. so for now, they are in the floor. besides, even if i wanted to just throw them away, i have no clue when the trash is picked up at our house... something i must find out soon!

Friday, July 13, 2007

no longer on the verge of being homeless

WE HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE! i am so excited and relieved and thankful! we sign lease papers on monday and then get to move into a beautiful two bed, two bath house with original hardwoods and mature trees and a fence and yes! excited! i do realize that this means that we will be moving again (next week), but i don't even care. because it means that we will be moving things OUT of our storage unit instead of moving them IN the storage unit! i get to use my own dishes again! yay yay yay! pictures to come...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

laziness, or forgetfulness, or something.

yeah yeah yeah, we haven't updated in a while. this doesn't mean that we're super busy. it kind of means that life is uneventful. but that's not even true. so, i don't know. sorry.

anyway, i think after this weekend ryan will be home for a week straight, so maybe we'll do something fun and write about it!

since last time we've both gotten to see our in-laws. so that makes me very happy. i love my in-laws and i love my parents, so getting to see them both within about a month span is fantastic! this also means that i've had two mini-vacations which is also fantastic.

right now we are looking for a house to move into in august, this is proving to be more than a little stressful. we're just trusting that we'll find it when we need it... next month i will hopefully have my final panel interview for an assistant manager position with starbucks, so i'm cramming and planning today. august is going to be busy.

Monday, June 4, 2007

when it gets wet

I was sitting at a dinner table the other night in Tyler, Texas talking with a friend about the phenomenon that I have labled the 2x4. this experience is one that Sarah and I have experienced a few times since we have been married. when we were engaged I believe that cloud nine was my favorite residence. I spent a lot of time there spacing out. I just knew that everything would be fine and things would work themselves out. cloud nine is what I sometimes call faith in a sarcastic sort of way. I have faith that everything will be okay. fast forward to being married. puppy love and adoration is beautiful. the bliss of marriage and happiness still new and totally out of nowhere a 2x4 hits me in the face and knocks me off of cloud nine. now i am still hanging on from the bottom starring at the puffy cloud and wondering what happened? well this 2x4 is called life. unexpected things that stress me out. the first experience was back in november of last year. we were living in old house in nashville and we hadn't turned the gas on yet because of the deposit to turn it on. well we got an early freeze. we woke up to ice on the inside of our bedroom window. it was cold. really cold. we used some store credit to buy a spce heater. we would cuddle and read books in the front room and an hour before bedtime i would run the space heater into the bedroom shut the door and lock in the heat. well there was no deposit needed and it became a fun story. well the 2x4 struck again. tires. we both need new tires. the ac on sarah's car went out and well we live in the hot sticky muggy summertime of the south. no ac= long hot drives and a lot of sweat. so i decided to try and be a good husband and go get the car fixed. i was gonna surprise sarah with ac for the ride home. i go to the shop and they tell me after about 15 minutes of tinkering that our car is on the old 112 freon. they don't have that. i need r134. so i need to go to the dealership and get it converted. and they try to charge 20 bucks to tell me that. haha! sooooo hot car. well the i get home and the tail lights won't go out. they are stuck on. i never turned the lights on. i don't get it. so the lights caused the battery to die. and i'm reminded of thanksgiving when I hit a deer on the way to arkansas in sarah's car. and fought the insurance company to get half of what the car was worth. add the deductible and well you see what i mean by 2x4..........2000 for a 1991......2x4. oh lord teach us how to deal....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

edit...on moving.

so, my husband is amazing... he came home to see me and we spent one entire day moving heavy junk to the storage unit. and by "we" i mean he. yup, he did the heavy lifting. while i tried to explain that i have very poor hand strength, and, possibly arthritis. it is hereditary. so, i wasn't lying. at all. and believe it or not, despite the fact that it was still moving, we had a blast! granted, we have a blast anytime we are in the same city as one another. but still, ryan makes moving fun. the end.

Friday, May 18, 2007

moving, again.

apparently ryan and i are an extremely nomadic couple. i say this because, we are now living in home number three and have been married for eight months. and in two more months we will move again to home number four in ten months... at that place, we will be signing a lease for at least a year, or i'm going to go crazy! i really really really really really don't like to pack or unpack. the fact that these two things are the very essence of moving results in a deep hatred of moving on my behalf. now, my husband (God bless him) has really only had to endure one and a half of these moves. i know that his job takes him all over the US of A. however, i find it amazing that he is conveniently gone during most of the packing and dragging and unpacking parts of the moving process... for example, today i have to day off. as does my beloved husband. i have spent the day packing and moving and unpacking again. my beloved husband is in the great city of chicago--shopping. i better get something good. i'm not grumpy, i swear. i love ryan, i swear. i just hate moving, i swear.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

how to deal

there are some things in life that no one should ever have to be without. chocolate is one of those things, another is good music. But being a music fan is different than being a career musician. I love music as much and or more than anyone else i know so I decided when I was 13 that i was going to be in a band. It's all I ever wanted. I played with whoever would have me. My opinions on music are changing slightly. I havent listened to my ipod in three days! what happened to me? I miss my wife.
i only like listening to certain songs with her. I only like relaxing to ryan adams when she's there. I can't fall asleep to music alone anymore. I am learning how to deal and it's very hard. the best part i guess is that I look forward to those magical movie sountrack moments when I get home. I will never learn how to be with out my wife. love is something no one should live without and once you're married your spouse is something that you can't live without. I can handle no chocolate. I can handle silence, but I am having a hard time learning how to deal with being away from my wife. the lord has a plan and we follow his will and here we are loving as he has loved following where he leads knowing he has a plan and we will be strong but our prayer is teach us o lord how to deal.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


don't worry. we have not fallen off the face of the earth. only, the earth is spinning so quickly on its axis that we do not have time to sleep. let alone write blogs that no one besides ourselves reads... i've been working at a new store for the past month, training on the drive thru. love the drive thru, but miss my other store. anyway, i have been opening a lot at this store, which i also love. however, opening at this store means waking up at 3:45 AM. this is not easy for me. or easy for my husband to deal with me. seeing as how i must take a nap immediately upon coming home at 1:00 pm and then i will most likely return to sleep by 10:00 pm. i've been grumpy and sleepy and spacey and overly caffeinated for some time now. but, at least we are together. and we will be together this whole week! woohooo! we even have the same day off (tomorrow)! and then ryan leaves to go on tour with Building 429 for three weeks. the good news is that he'll be home one day of each of those three weeks. so we still haven't broken our pact. what pact? the pact of not going longer than two weeks without seeing eachother. yup, that's our pact....

Monday, April 16, 2007

i am alive

grey's anatomy. cadbury dark chocolate easter eggs, a fluffy down comforter, and my wife. a perfect evening. I am home.

the ryan hawk family...

us on easter...yay!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

beautiful snowy, and sunny, colorado

my mini-vacation was fantastic! i got to see my husband! i got to see my in-laws! i got to meet their new dog! i got to go to an amazing jackson waters rock show! and i even got to be surprised by my sister & brother-in-law and their beautiful and charming children! that was the best part of all... easter was snowy and miserable. i wore pants instead of my new lavender skirt. monday was sunny and 70 degrees. i went to the park and got sunburned. i flew home on tuesday and have been sick ever since. i'm blaming the crazy weather. i get to see my husband again on monday...good news!

Friday, April 6, 2007

on a jet plane!

wooohoo! after 10 straight days of work and 12 straight days without my husband, i am going to colorado and seeing my husband tonight!!!! yay yay yay! plane leaves in 4 1/2 hours... still haven't packed, showered, or eaten. hmmm... grilled cheese!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

not an option...

so, i was just viewing this site making sure everything looked good when i noticed something that i didn't like. i have signed up to put ads at the bottom of this site. supposedly they use your posting to pick ads that go along with it. however, the particular ad that i saw was about "secret divorce planning." i didn't click on it, because that's one of the rules of having ads on your site. another, is that you won't blog about them...but whatever. now, correct me if i'm wrong, but did i use the word "divorce" anywhere in my last post. pretty sure i didn't. but let me just go ahead and say this. divorce is never an option for us. ever. so there silly ad thingy! what part of forever and ever amen does google not understand? hmmm... they'll probably ban me from ads now.

Monday, April 2, 2007

better late than never...

i really wish that i had started this blog right after we were married, maybe not two seconds after saying "i do," but a little sooner than almost 7 months later. because, oh my gosh, so much has happened. i can't even begin to back track and share the stories, but i will start from here. in two weeks we will be celebrating seven months of marital bliss! :) i am currently working for the great starbucks empire while my husband works for the world--making music for their pleasure. at this moment, i am in nashville and ryan is in california on a tour. which means we are surviving via telephone. which is hard, but rewarding all the same. what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, right? thankfully, we get to see each other in three days in the great state of colorado! yay for seeing my husband! yay for colorado! yay for easter and in-laws and good food and kisses! yay!!!