Thursday, April 26, 2012

Countdown to Ireland!

Y'all, Ryan and I leave for Ireland in NINE days! We are so excited, but we have so much to do before we go!

Between work, school, packing, planning our itinerary, and preparing to leave Liam with his grandparents, we have a super busy next nine days. I should probably do some work towards one of those things today since it's my last day off before we go!

I've been working on a loose routine/schedule outline for my in-laws to use with Liam while we are gone. I'm not worried about leaving him at all, I just want to make it as easy on everyone as possible. If you have any tips on leaving your children for a few days I would love to hear them! I know Liam is going to have a blast with Grami and Papo, we are excited to see them as well!

My goal is to have all of Liam's documents typed, printed, and organized by Sunday. I would also like to be packed by then, that might be wishful thinking!

I'm hoping we don't go crazy before we leave. And that we will have a nice, relaxing time while we are away.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A new vegetable

I tried a new food! As part of my "12 things to do in 2012" project I decided to try 5 new foods. I had seen a recipe for roasted chickpeas floating around on pinterest and decided to give it a shot!

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them! The texture was great, kind of a cross between popcorn and corn nuts. I seasoned them with brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, and cayenne pepper.

I was really nervous they would be really bean-y. If you know me at all, you know that I don't do vegetables. But, I especially don't do beans. The texture kills me. I do love hummus so I figured that I at least liked the flavor of garbanzo beans. So, now I know that I like them puréed and roasted to crispness. :)

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

18 Months!

Dear Liam Bird,

Eighteen months, a year and a half, that's how old you are today.  How in the world?!  Sweet boy, this is the month that you have ceased being a baby to us and are on your way to little boyhood.  You just seem so grown up to your mommy and daddy!

You are growing at the speed of light, Liam!  I don't know your exact measurements or weight but, trust me, you are getting very big.  You are wearing 18 month clothes and a size 4 or 5 shoe and size 4 disposable diapers.  You are still eating everything you can get your hands on!

I think you may have actually slimmed up a bit this month with all of the running around that you do on a daily basis now.  You have become even more adept at climbing.  You can climb into the rocking chair and attempt to climb over it, as well.  You have also been using the empty suitcase from our recent vacation as a climbing toy (we should probably put that away).  Thankfully, you've shown no interest in climbing out of your crib!  You love to stand on your head and turn somersaults with our help.  You still love being thrown in the sky and spun around in circles, such a fun loving little lad!

Liam, you seem to have developed some phobias this month.  You are afraid of grass, to the point of tears and trembling.  You rate shaggy carpet in the same category as grass, but are less afraid of it.  Still very unlikely to touch it willingly with your hands (which makes for an interesting time when you are trying to stand up).  And you were recently around a dog other than Gus whose barking made you freeze in terror and cry and cry.  We feel badly for it, but sometimes we have just had to laugh a bit when your pitiful little lip turns down over these silly things.  You are learning all about the world around you right now, and I'm sure you will be used to these things in no time.

You are such a good traveler, you seem to love an adventure just like your mom and dad.  As long as there is something new to see, you are content to sit in your carseat or stroller for hours.  We are also very thankful for your great sleeping habits.  They seem to be maintaining even during some horrible bouts of teething.  You currently have 5 teeth trying to break through your poor swollen gums, we are hoping they pop through soon, buddy.

They always say that kids don't need toys because they will play with anything.  This has become increasingly true for you.  Your favorite toys right now are: shoes, cabinet drawers, suitcases, tv remotes, the travel changing pad from your diaper bag, and a fitted crib sheet that you continually remove from its spot in your changing table.   You are such an entertainer, Liam.  You are constantly cracking us up with your silly dance moves and antics.  The best part is, you know you're funny and you laugh at yourself.  So precious.

Wiggs, it seems like the older you get the more we love you.  So I guess that is consolation enough for you growing so big, so quickly.  You are loved so very very much.  Your dad and I miss you when you are asleep and revel in the time we get to spend loving on you.  We are so blessed by your sweetness, but we would love you just as much if you weren't as sweet.

Love you forever,