Sunday, May 17, 2009

the teenager in our house.

our sweet little puppy boy is starting to evolve into a rebellious teenager.

a few weeks ago we watched a friend's puppy and he taught gus how to bark. for no good reason. bad dog.

on monday i discovered that while we are away his favorite thing to do is destroy/eat the carpet behind the doorway in his room. bad dog.

yesterday he found a ball point ink pen and ate it, thus getting ink all over our white-ish carpet. bad dog.

but he's so stinking cute it's hard to be angry at him for more that a minute.

hopefully this is a phase and we can get him to grow out of being ornery and destructive.

in the meantime check out how crazy he is when the wind shield wipers are on in the car. we don't know if he is afraid of them or if he sees them as a threat and is trying to protect us from them...either way it's pretty funny.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

domestic goddess

today was my day off and i spent it actually getting stuff done. this is very rare for me. days off are usually spent parked on the coach watching whatever i'm allowed to watch on the dvr without ryan, or they are spent at work (don't ask).

but today i was motivated, and i am proud of myself so i wanted to list what i accomplished (because i love lists)...

*woke up before 9am (on my own)
*walked Gus, fed Gus, and walked Gus again
*had a phone meeting with my boss
*washed, dried, and folded 4 loads of laundry (they are all waiting to be put away by my loving husband)
*had a lovely lunch with ryan at whole foods...yum
*trip to target to buy cleaning supplies and other necessities (like dresses)
*cleaned both toilets
*emptied and loaded the dishwasher and hand washed the pots and pans
*dusted the downstairs
*changed the sheets on our bed

whew. now, i know that this is really not much for some people. but when i am home, i am l.a.z.y. it is my down-time, my me-time, my shut-off-from-the-world-time. so i am pleased with this list. who knows, maybe stay at home motherhood is in the cards for me?