Tuesday, July 31, 2007

unpacking.........for days

so I finally got most of the stuff unpacked and set up in various places. I put the books on their shelves and tried my luck as an interior decorator.....my favorite part has been climbing up the ladder into the pits of hell known as my attic. the ladder is older than the house. it creaks and shakes and the hole at the top is small so boxes don't like to go through it. plus it's awkward trying to balance my weight and the wieght of the box in a position to lift it over my head and up a ladder. whose idea was attic storage anyway? doesn't seem to safe. heavy boxes, rickety ladder, small opening, well sounds like a night in the er or at least a hole in the wall from a foot or heel slipping off of the ladder. so.....after i get up in the attic what happens.....wham! a 2x4! literally. it's dark and it's not fit for tall people. so I fumble around and find a light.....I've been up here for 30 seconds and I lose 5 pounds of sweat.....the worst is yet to come....insulation. It sticks to my arms and gets in my eyes at it's the kind of insulation that they spray in and fill...but finally after three days up and down the ladder I am happy to announce that most of the house is unpacked! i put my feet up, sat on the couch, sipped hot tea, and watched a coldplay tour documentery on the tv! it's nice to have a tv again......

Friday, July 27, 2007

home sweet...um, boxes.

so, we're moved in! yay! praise the lord! however, work schedules and exhaustion have made the unpacking a little slow. things are looking better, but the empty boxes are piling up. i can't decide if i want to throw them away or store them in the attic. so for now, they are in the floor. besides, even if i wanted to just throw them away, i have no clue when the trash is picked up at our house... something i must find out soon!

Friday, July 13, 2007

no longer on the verge of being homeless

WE HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE! i am so excited and relieved and thankful! we sign lease papers on monday and then get to move into a beautiful two bed, two bath house with original hardwoods and mature trees and a fence and yes! excited! i do realize that this means that we will be moving again (next week), but i don't even care. because it means that we will be moving things OUT of our storage unit instead of moving them IN the storage unit! i get to use my own dishes again! yay yay yay! pictures to come...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

laziness, or forgetfulness, or something.

yeah yeah yeah, we haven't updated in a while. this doesn't mean that we're super busy. it kind of means that life is uneventful. but that's not even true. so, i don't know. sorry.

anyway, i think after this weekend ryan will be home for a week straight, so maybe we'll do something fun and write about it!

since last time we've both gotten to see our in-laws. so that makes me very happy. i love my in-laws and i love my parents, so getting to see them both within about a month span is fantastic! this also means that i've had two mini-vacations which is also fantastic.

right now we are looking for a house to move into in august, this is proving to be more than a little stressful. we're just trusting that we'll find it when we need it... next month i will hopefully have my final panel interview for an assistant manager position with starbucks, so i'm cramming and planning today. august is going to be busy.