Friday, December 27, 2013

Dear Jude: 13 months

Dear Judesy Roe,

You were thirteen months old on Christmas Day! I can't believe you are such a little toddler these days, you are so much fun!

You got your two front teeth for Christmas! Actually, they are still just barely poking though, but hopefully that relieved some pain for you. This takes your total up to six teeth! Your teeth get a lot of use these days, it seems like you are constantly eating! You get very offended if you aren't offered food when someone is eating, even if you've just finished a large meal. Favorite foods: bananas, raspberries, meatballs, mashed potatoes, and cheese.

At your twelve month doctors visit, we discovered that you are 36 inches long (80th%) and you weigh 22 pounds (70th%). You are very solidly built and fit nicely in your 12-18 month clothing. You sleep well at night and love your morning nap most of all.

Baby Jude, I'm afraid you will be walking very soon. You have taken one or two steps on several occasions to snatch a toy or get into trouble. You can stand, and dance, on your own for a pretty substantial period of time and you cruise with the utmost of purpose. Oh mobility, such a blessing and a curse. :)

Your daddy and I are pretty sure that you are going to be our biggest troublemaker. You love to instigate dance parties and nap-time raves, and you always get your brother to participate even when he is half asleep. Basically, we are all powerless to resist your charms. You love lamp cords, electrical sockets, air vents, and house plants more than any actual toy.

Sweet Judes, you are a very vocal little boy. You are constantly babbling, growling, squealing, or grunting. You can say a lot of words, "mama" and "dad-di" most consistently. You call for your cousins, Micah and Reagan often and can even say "Judesy."

You are still a little momma's boy and love to take cuddle naps, which is my favorite thing ever. I hope you always are so affectionate. You adore your brother and your dadda as well. You are such a tough little thing, you get tackled regularly and always seem to hold your own. Liam needs to watch his back! You love love love music and stuffed animals, your bedtime bunny is your favorite.

Darling boy, you are adored and cherished and loved like nobody's business. Thank you for making all of our hearts grow larger and all of our days happier.

Love you forever, and ever,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Liam Lately

It's been awhile since I have updated on our oldest ball of energy! Liam Davy is hilarious, and brilliant, as always.

We are especially enjoying this Christmas season with him. His observations never cease to entertain. He calls all lights, "Christmas" and if they are on a house then it's "Christmas on the roof!" He also associates wrapped gifts with birthdays, so every time he sees a package he tells one of us "Happy birthday!" Love it!

The other day, I yelled "Jude Monroe" to get Jude's attention and now Liam calls him "Judesy Roe," which is my favorite thing about life, so precious. The Hawk brothers are buddies and partners in crime. They wrestle and dance and yell together, their relationship brings me so much joy and they are still so small. I can't wait to see how close they grow, and to referee their sure to be epic fights.

Liam loves school, he attends 3 days a week at the preschool affiliated with Ryan's school and starting next semester he will go 2 days at a public preschool to get a bit of speech and occupational therapy. We are excited to watch him continue to learn! He is so observant and quick to learn. He also never forgets anything! His latest discovery is emotion, he likes to show us "happy" and "sad" faces and has recently developed a few fears. He is afraid of balloon animals and candles. Two hilarious, but real to him, fears.

Transportation toys are at an all-time peak of favorites these days. I've never seen so many things with wheels in all my days. Liam loves vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers as well as typical cars, trucks, and planes.

Liam still loves books, Peppa Pig is his current favorite show to watch, helping me cook, splashing in the bath, being outside, and eating cookies are some other favorites these days.

We are so thankful for our sweet, healthy, smart, and kind little boy. He is so fun to be around and so easy to enjoy!