Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dear Jude: 10 months

Sweet baby Jude,

We really are going to need to change your first name to "baby." You are never just "Jude." If you look sick in these pictures, it's because you are, poor lamb. You have a yucky virus that is making you all congested and wheezy. But I still wanted to write you a letter today.

You are such a big, little guy! I can't believe how strong and sturdy you are. You are already bigger than Liam was at a year old! Way to go! You love to eat real food and are currently whittling your formula intake down a bit. You've recently been eating a lot of table foods (with only your two bottom teeth), you love whole banana, peas, salmon, tortillas, black beans, and have even tried risotto!

Buddy, you are so smart! You are very observant and love to figure out how toys work. You wave hello to everyone you see, even your reflection in a mirror. You can clap, when you want to. And can give a "low five."

A few weeks ago you started kind of crawling. I say kind of because you aren't actively crawling, but you can. You are mostly content to sit and play, but will crawl to get a toy if you really want it. What amazed me was that you crawled, learned how to sit up by yourself, and pulled to a stand in your crib all within about two days. Apparently, you are on a development spree! Good job! Now, maybe slow down a bit!

Love, you are so adored! Your mommy, daddy, and big brother are all smitten with you! And, you like us all just as much! You have a lot of extended family here in Colorado who are always ready to dote on you, you are a lucky little boy! You are so funny, when you get excited your whole body goes stiff and you let out a shriek, it's precious!

Right now, you are a bit of a mama's boy, which thrills me to no end! You are also a cuddle bug, so I get to hold you a lot! You "talk" a lot, baby Jude! You say a lot of consonants and baby talk all day long. You have started saying "mama" and "dada" intentionally lately, you have such a sweet little voice, it kind of reminds me of Gus Gus from Cinderella.

Some of your favorite things: bananas, screaming, jumping, eating grass, chewing on anything that will fit in your mouth, your brother, watching the dogs play, taking a bath, dancing, mama, your paci, and drumming on your high chair. Some of your un-favorite things: having your face/nose wiped, breathing treatments, when eating time is over, waiting on anything, and the end of bath time.

Baby Jude, we are so thankful for your big smiles and your passionate face grabs. We love your zest for life and love of having fun. We are so glad to have you in our family and are blessed to have the privilege of raising you, sweet one.

Love you forever, and ever,

Monday, September 16, 2013

On really being married...

Did you know that being married isn't about showing off gifts, and dates, and sweet things you do for each other?

Did you know that being married isn't about flowers, or weekends away, or even simple dates?

Did you know that being married isn't about spending tons of time together every single day?

Being married is about committing yourself to someone through the good, the bad, the ups, the downs. It's about supporting each other, believing in each other, and loving each other. Always.

It's about laying in bed watching videos of your kids, goodbye kisses before the sun rises, splitting child-raising duties, washing dishes, paying bills, rushing from one thing to the next...together.

It's about the tiny little mundane things that make up your every day. When you're living life side by side sometimes it's hard to see the person next to you--make time to notice each other. Love each other.

That's my two cents. :) Today is my 7th anniversary of being Mrs. Hawk. But today isn't what makes my marriage, it's in the everyday--the forever, and ever, amen.