Thursday, April 30, 2009

the little things.

dear walking company,

the first time i visited your store (about 6 months ago), i spent nearly two hours trying on over 20 pairs of shoes and cataloging my aches and pains before i found the perfect shoe for me... the dansko professional clog.

not altogether cute, not altogether cheap...but oh so amazingly comfortable. this shoe took away all of my back pain from standing 40+ hours per week. this shoe never caused me to slip on spilled milk. this shoe also adds two inches to my frame making me stand tall and confident and enabling me to reach things on high shelves.

unfortunately a few weeks ago, probably while on a dead sprint to the back room, a piece of this wonderful shoe broke off inside the shoe causing sharp edges to rub my poor foot. i was devastated. i did not want to spend $100+ dollars on a new pair, but I also did not want to wear crappy shoes and cause myself back pain again.

so, i humbly returned to the walking company and asked what you could do for me. and guess what? you GAVE me a brand new pair of my beloved shoes. for F.R.E.E. this still blows me away. i did not have a receipt. i did not have a warranty. i did not even beg. did i mention that my original purchase was made 6 months ago?

you have saved me cash and pain and in turn made me a customer for life!

much love,
sarah hawk

p.s. the by one get one 50% off sock sale also made me, and my feet, very happy. gotta love the smartwool.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

why my husband is sometimes right...

if you have ever lived with me you know that i am not the sort of person who can't fall asleep at night if my room/closet/house is a mess. i am not a dirty person (no rats, roaches, or gnats) but i am a cluttered person.

when ryan and i found ourselves in love with one another i was concerned that we would have issues because he is a neat freak and comes from a long line of OCD men.

we've managed to make it work quite nicely. i cook, he cleans. i do laundry, he puts it away. we have a system. i have become a little neater. he has become a little messier.

however, i still (and always will) HATE to unpack anything. if it was up to me our clothing would never be put away (yes that counts as unpacking). ryan always tries to make me unpack my suitcases the second we walk in the door from a trip and i rebel, vehemently.

so, it should be no surprise when i say that when we cleaned out our closet on saturday i finally unpacked the suitcase that i used the last weekend in february to go home to arkansas.

i found the smartwool socks that i thought were lost and even accused my mom of finding and then stealing. my feet are very happy.

moral of the story: unpack your damn suitcases.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


yesterday was an absolutely wonderful day.

we slept until we woke up. at 9am (this is way early for the girl who used to sleep til 1 on weekends, i am getting old).

i made baked french toast for breakfast and we watched some show about average people trying to survive for 45 days in alaska.

then we cleaned out our walk-in closet. while i absolutely despise cleaning (especially on my day off), it really didn't take that long and now our entire house is spotless and organized. that's a good feeling.

lunch was sonic everyday value menu. love it!

we hung out with my friend wil at his starbucks and caught up on life and were inspired to live outside the box.

as it started to sprinkle we went for a hike at radnor lake. it was gorgeous. not too hot, not too wet. we smelled honeysuckle just starting to bloom (my fav), and toyed with the idea of moving to the mountains and being granola again.

we brought an exhausted dog home and got ready to meet up with my friend jaime who was in town for a nursing convention. we ate at jack's bbq and walked around down town dodging cigarette smoke and catching bits and pieces of classic country wafting from the honky tonks.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter yumminess.

today, i won't complain...
i'm going to post my easter dinner menu. we had a few friends over after church and had some yummy, and easy food. no pictures--i forgot, still drugged up.

homemade rolls (family recipe)
twice baked potatoes
arugula salad with oranges, feta, walnuts, and a marmalade dressing
stuffed pork tenderloin
chocolate caramel matzo
i love to cook and i refuse to let busyness and lack of time stand in my way. however, i would like to branch out step out of my comfort zone.

things planned for the future:
challah bread
irish car bomb cupcakes
homemade gnocchi
anybody want to help?

Monday, April 13, 2009

here's to a new week...

this week i am hoping...
*that i don't have plans every single evening of the week
*that none of my partners quit to work for a competitor
*that i don't wake up with a fever and strep throat
*that i don't throw up from yucky antibiotics
*that gus doesn't throw up three times for no good reason

so far, so good. week, keep it up.

p.s. yes all of those things did happen last week...rough

Saturday, April 4, 2009

i want...

in no order...
*a fountain coke
*to own a cute little house, with a fenced in yard
*more of my besties here in nash
*my husband to come home early
*to stay home with my babies
*to like to run
*new spring/summer clothes
*supper to cook and clean itself
*a less stressful life/job
*a fairy to fold and put away laundry
*a puppy who needs to pee less than 300 times a day