Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dear Jude: 14 months

Dear Jude,

You are fourteen months old today! You are an amazing bundle of never ending energy and we are so very thankful for your life, health, and spunk!

You are a solid little boy, I'm not sure of your measurements but I know that you are stout without being rolly. You are still in 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

Judes, eating is your very favorite thing. You still eat lots of baby food, because it's convenient, but you love finger foods as well. Favorites are: cheese, grapes, blueberries, yogurt, sweet potatoes, and Chex cereal. You are drinking whole milk and have finally made your peace with the sippy cup. Now mommy needs to make her peace with you being a big boy and get rid of the bottle altogether. You have four bottom teeth and 2.75 top teeth, I would love for you to finish up with the teething. Thanks.

Love, you can walk! Over the past few weeks, you have put multiple steps together a lot of times. You aren't afraid or unsure of walking at all, you prefer to run like a drunken sailor, so that's not terrifying at all. I would say you walk 4% of the time, creep 60% of the time, and crawl the remaining 56%. I'm excited for you, and a bit nervous at all the chasing in my near future as you gain steadiness. You are also a pro at climbing stairs and say "weee" as you nimbly scurry to the top.

Speaking of talking, you say lots of words and are a true parrot. If Liam says "mommy," you say "mommy." Newish words are "nigh nigh," and "no no," you love to imitate the transportation sounds that your big brother makes and you just babble all the day. I think you will be a very verbal little boy.

You sleep well at night and love to cuddle your stuffed bunny while you snooze. You are gradually dropping your afternoon nap, even though you still need it. You usually take a two hour morning nap and then terrorize the world until bedtime.

We joke a lot about you being a bit of a hoodlum, and you are, but you are equally, if not more, sweet as pie. You love to snuggle and you love to try to bash your skull in, regardless of your destructive tendencies, you are such a joy to us. You are growing and developing and changing at the speed of light and I am so glad to be your mommy and receive your smiles and pats on the back. You are truly wondrous, baby Jude.

Love you forever, and ever,