Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Jude: one

Dear Jude Monroe,

You are one! Happy birthday, little love! We are so in awe at how quickly this year has flown by and we are so happy that you've been a part of our family for one whole year!

Your twelve month doctor visit isn't until next week, so I don't have any statistics on your weight or height, yet. You are fitting into 12 month clothes great, and seem like a giant in general, so I'm excited to know how big you actually are!

You continue to be a bit of a wild card when it comes to sleep and temperament. You love to be on the go, no walking yet, and hate being restricted from dangers. You take a great morning nap, but prefer to host raves in your crib instead of an afternoon nap. Silly little one.

Judes, you are a momma's boy to the core, which I love! But, you love any attention you can get. You also aren't shy to yell at someone who doesn't pay you the attention you deserve! You love snuggles, and dancing, and clapping! Your favorite toys are musical, or stuffed animals. You have a bunny that you sleep with and your face lights up when I give it to you at bedtime. So so precious.

Your mother has fallen off the bandwagon of transitioning you to whole milk and sippy cups, we will get there eventually. Eating is your favorite pastime, you now have 3.5 teeth to nom with and I haven't found anything you dislike yet! Favorites include: yogurt, sweet potatoes, bananas, cheerios, hash browns, and eggs! You had chocolate birthday cake last night, and loooooooved it!

Baby Jude, you are so loved and adored! Watching your eyes sparkle is one of my favorite things. We are having so much fun getting to know you and your sweet, high strung personality. I'm so very glad that God made you to be our Jude Monroe! I hope you always love to snuggle and dance!

Love you forever, and ever,

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Fun!

We have had a wonderful fall here in Colorado! It's been perfectly crisp and cool and the yellow leaves, while not as beautiful as my favorites reds and oranges of the south, have stayed on the trees for a long time!

I'm very late to post this, but last month we spent a gorgeous day at the Denver zoo! We went with Grami, Papo, Aunt 'Risa, Uncle Mate, and their kiddos and had a blast!

We started off the day at my favorite brunch place, Snooze! Come visit us, and I will take you there multiple times!

Liam and Papo passing the wait away.

Baby Jude eating hash browns and sharing with the floor.

Peacocks roam around free at the zoo, not so awesome for this girl who is bird-phobic. Look how close Reagan is, she's so brave!

Sweet Sidney and this gorilla were buddies. (Sid's adoption will be finalized in a few weeks ad then I will share some awesome pictures of his face!)

Everyone went into the bird house, except me, to feed the birds. Liam was a bit unsure...that's my boy.

Grami, Liam, and Sidney.

Uncle Mate and Liam! It was really fun to see Liam actually find and watch the animals. He's at a great age to really enjoy the zoo. Can't wait to go back!

After the zoo, we headed to Little Man Ice Cream, another of my favorite places. They were all decorated for fall, so we took some pictures with pumpkins.

Papo giving baby Jude his first taste of ice cream, it was a hit!

Baby Jude was clearly more interested in the hay than in taking photos. Liam was ready!

Love these little men!