Thursday, May 24, 2007

edit...on moving.

so, my husband is amazing... he came home to see me and we spent one entire day moving heavy junk to the storage unit. and by "we" i mean he. yup, he did the heavy lifting. while i tried to explain that i have very poor hand strength, and, possibly arthritis. it is hereditary. so, i wasn't lying. at all. and believe it or not, despite the fact that it was still moving, we had a blast! granted, we have a blast anytime we are in the same city as one another. but still, ryan makes moving fun. the end.

Friday, May 18, 2007

moving, again.

apparently ryan and i are an extremely nomadic couple. i say this because, we are now living in home number three and have been married for eight months. and in two more months we will move again to home number four in ten months... at that place, we will be signing a lease for at least a year, or i'm going to go crazy! i really really really really really don't like to pack or unpack. the fact that these two things are the very essence of moving results in a deep hatred of moving on my behalf. now, my husband (God bless him) has really only had to endure one and a half of these moves. i know that his job takes him all over the US of A. however, i find it amazing that he is conveniently gone during most of the packing and dragging and unpacking parts of the moving process... for example, today i have to day off. as does my beloved husband. i have spent the day packing and moving and unpacking again. my beloved husband is in the great city of chicago--shopping. i better get something good. i'm not grumpy, i swear. i love ryan, i swear. i just hate moving, i swear.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

how to deal

there are some things in life that no one should ever have to be without. chocolate is one of those things, another is good music. But being a music fan is different than being a career musician. I love music as much and or more than anyone else i know so I decided when I was 13 that i was going to be in a band. It's all I ever wanted. I played with whoever would have me. My opinions on music are changing slightly. I havent listened to my ipod in three days! what happened to me? I miss my wife.
i only like listening to certain songs with her. I only like relaxing to ryan adams when she's there. I can't fall asleep to music alone anymore. I am learning how to deal and it's very hard. the best part i guess is that I look forward to those magical movie sountrack moments when I get home. I will never learn how to be with out my wife. love is something no one should live without and once you're married your spouse is something that you can't live without. I can handle no chocolate. I can handle silence, but I am having a hard time learning how to deal with being away from my wife. the lord has a plan and we follow his will and here we are loving as he has loved following where he leads knowing he has a plan and we will be strong but our prayer is teach us o lord how to deal.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


don't worry. we have not fallen off the face of the earth. only, the earth is spinning so quickly on its axis that we do not have time to sleep. let alone write blogs that no one besides ourselves reads... i've been working at a new store for the past month, training on the drive thru. love the drive thru, but miss my other store. anyway, i have been opening a lot at this store, which i also love. however, opening at this store means waking up at 3:45 AM. this is not easy for me. or easy for my husband to deal with me. seeing as how i must take a nap immediately upon coming home at 1:00 pm and then i will most likely return to sleep by 10:00 pm. i've been grumpy and sleepy and spacey and overly caffeinated for some time now. but, at least we are together. and we will be together this whole week! woohooo! we even have the same day off (tomorrow)! and then ryan leaves to go on tour with Building 429 for three weeks. the good news is that he'll be home one day of each of those three weeks. so we still haven't broken our pact. what pact? the pact of not going longer than two weeks without seeing eachother. yup, that's our pact....