Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dear Jude: 16 months

Dear Jude,
You are sixteen months old today! You are so much fun! We are loving how much your personality emerges everyday. You are constantly learning, growing, and changing and we are so thankful to get to witness your awesomeness!

You are 32 inches long (90th%) and weigh 25 pounds (75th%)! You are a solid little bruiser, you are still mainly wearing 12-18 month clothes and we have moved you to a size four diaper.

You have 8 teeth, no molars yet. You are still eating everything under the sun. Potatoes and fruit are your favorites, specifically French fries and strawberries, but you will eat any variety of the two. You usually eat two dinners, one at 5:15 when you meltdown in a pile of hunger, and then you eat half of my dinner whenever I eat.

Buddy, you are always on the move. You run, climb, and bounce around so much that I'm tired just watching you, or maybe I'm tired from chasing you?! You absolutely love to be outside and will stand at the backdoor and cry "bye bye!"

Speaking of talking, you say too many words to list. You are constantly identifying things, saying hi, talking on the phone, yelling at the dogs, demanding a cookie, etc. By the way, you use the word cookie for any item that you ingest: liquid, meat, cereal, actual cookies...it's all a cookie to you. And I pretty much love that! You know twinkle twinkle little star and sing it to us often and you can count to three!

You take a morning nap about two hours after waking up and demand to go "nigh night" at exactly 6:30pm every night. You go down to sleep really easily and are almost always awake by 7am at the latest. You are not a morning person, but you wake up first which is frustrating for everyone. You seem very angry to be awake, but you absolutely will not go back to sleep. Silly little love.

Favorites: any stuffed animal, sitting in boxes from Costco, eating, pulling Liam's hair, snuggling in the afternoon with dadda, going anywhere in the car, riding in your wagon outside, chasing Liam around your room, balls, going to school, massages before bed, your birdies above your crib, singing, dancing, and flirting.

Judesy Roe, you are seriously one of the sweetest babies I've ever known. You love to share food and hugs. You are our snuggly child and we absolutely adore your hugs and cuddles. You are tragically impatient and have the tenderest of hearts which means you are often in tears. And guess what, you're cute even when you're crying! I'm so glad to be your mommy and to have to power to sometimes soothe your spirit. I can't wait to see these little baby preferences and opinions in a strong big boy. Well actually, I can wait, you can stay little as long as you want, my love.

Love you forever,