Friday, October 25, 2013

Dear Jude: 11 months

Dear baby Jude,

Happy ELEVEN month birthday! I'm shouting eleven out of shock and dread, not really excitement. You see, in my mind you are still my teensy tiny baby boy. And when I write these letters I'm hit with the harsh reality that you are becoming a toddler quite rapidly. And, I know from experience how quickly toddlerhood turns into little boyhood. Sob!

You are a giant, baby. You weigh 22 pounds and are 36 inches long (maybe bigger now) which is the 90th percentile for both categories. You wear size 12 month clothes and you live to eat! You take about 26 ounces of formula a day and eat 3 big meals. You love love love food, and I'm thankful for your good appetite and adventurous (for now) palate.

Love, you are constantly on the move. I've decided that your intention isn't to be mobile so much as it is to cause yourself bodily harm. You are happiest when trying to electrocute yourself, fall down a flight of stairs, pull a table over, or bash your head into a fireplace. Basically, you keep us busy and I have a strong feeling that you will be walking sooner than we think.

Judes, you love music. If we sing you will clap and dance. You love to drum on toys and tabletops and seem to have good rhythm. You can say a few new words this month: go, miiii (milk), and gu gu (Gus Gus). Liam is still your favorite, even though he doesn't always share with you, you always want mama to hold you, and nearly combust with joy every time dada walks into the room.

Baby Jude, you are sweet and stubborn and wonderful. We are loving getting to see your personality emerge. You are definitely going to be a feisty little love, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for being a cuddle bug and for loving us all so much. Your smiles and squeals are the best! We love you so very much.

Love you forever, and ever,

Also, happy birthday to your JuJu! It's only fitting that you share the days of the month that you were born since your name is partly after hers! We love you JuJu!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Liam's day of fun!

We had a very fun-filled day yesterday! We did not have a Pinterest inspired party, we did not spend very much money, we did not give tons of gifts, but we did have a blast!
Liam is a huge fan if balloons, so Monday night Ryan and I blew up a bunch of balloons and put them in the floor of his room. It was a huge hit! He laughed and played for 45 minutes before I got out of bed, I think we will start doing this often!

Next up, we visited a local bounce place to jump the morning away! The best part, we were joined by five of Liam's 1st and 2nd cousins, and their awesome mamas!

Then, we were hungry for Chic-fil-A, which resulted in ice cream cones! I may be ridiculously proud if my three year old's ability to eat an ice cream cone properly, raising him right!

We had a delightful family dinner at home, with party hats, cake, a singing card, and a toy emergency vehicle to round out the day.

I'm so glad we we all got to have a fun day! Lots of pictures, lots of fun!  Also, I know the picture of me and Grami is sideways, I can't make it switch and still wanted to include it!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Dear Liam Davy,
Happy THIRD birthday, my sweet! It is utterly unbelievable that you are three years old, but you are! You are such a big, sweet boy and we are so thankful to celebrate you!

Liam bird, you have grown so much this year! I am eagerly awaiting your doctor's visit next week to see just how tall you are, you are often mistaken for a four, or five year old because of your height! You weigh right around 40 pounds, I think you only gained 2-4 pounds this year. You have really slimmed up, your all knobby knees and elbows these days, little boy. You wear a size 4T in clothes and a toddler 9 sized shoe.

This year, you became a big brother. Wow, what a joy it has been to watch you two love each other. You are completely encamored with your "Bebe Jooode." Yes, you get frustrated when he takes something you want, but you always give him another option. So far, you don't fight with him--I know that day is coming. For now, I will relish your sweetness. You love to feed him, bring him toys, and pet his head. You boys laugh so hard at each other, and giggle in your beds in the morning. You absolutely love to bring Jude his paci and will often times stand next to the crib so that you can continue to give it to him during nap time. Absolutely precious.

You talk all the time and for the most part we understand what you are saying. You still jibber jabber from time to time, and you put your own spin on lots of words. You know all of your shapes, colors, can recognize numbers 1-10 and some of the alphabet. You are going to preschool at daddy's school three days a week and you are learning a lot! You have really sweet manners, which makes mommy proud. I'm raising you to be a southern gentleman, regardless of where we live.

Buddy, you are so very active! You love to play outside. You love to go and see new things! You have been going to a gymnastics class for a few weeks and it is one of your favorite things, you just love to play so much! You have absolutely loved getting to play with so many of your cousins so regularly now that we are in Colorado. It's a blessing to grow up with family the same age as you!

Liam, you definitely keep us laughing. You are always wearing a funny hat, obsessively carrying around a piece of garbage, or dancing around to your own music. I love your personality. You have this zest for life that cannot be stifled, you also have a double helping of stubbornness from your parents. Two was full of fun and challenges, and I'm sure we will battle all of your life, listening and obeying are not your favorite activities. But, you need to know that we absolutely love that you are strong-willed. You are your own little person and nothing, and no one, is going to stand in your way.

Your favorites right now: the mountains, motorcycles, any emergency vehicle, bicycles (sensing a theme?), school buses, Jude, aunt 'Risa (you are smitten), Skype calls with Juju/Endy, playing in "the boop" (mirror) with Grami, marshmallows, ice cream cones, "cereal rikka bars," green juice, splashing in the bathtub, reading the Bible with daddy at bedtime, riding in daddy's red truck, hexagons, My Gym, dancing, Peppa Pig, The Fresh Beat Band, Yo Gabba Gabba, Bubble Guppies, making silly sounds with your mouth, instruments of any variety, and books!

You are wild, wonderful, challenging, brilliant, sweet, silly, charming, and best of all, you are ours. For now, you are entrusted to our care and we are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to raise you, protect you, and point you to the Lord. Thank you for not always being easy, you have taught us so much. Your daddy and I are better people and more in love everyday because of you and your brother. Keep growing, but stay little.

Love you forever, and ever,