Monday, April 20, 2015

Dear Liam: 4.5

Dear Liam Davy,
Your half birthday was April 1st, and I had every intention of having this blog posted then but I got a bit distracted by our fun with Grami and Papo!  So, happy late half birthday!
You are one of the funniest people that I know and you are sweetness personified 98% of the time. You are a little boy through and through and we could not be more proud of you!  I'm serious about that, when you start reading and learning your multiplication tables I will most likely burst with pride so stay illiterate for a bit longer.  Speaking of learning, you are doing really well in nursery school. Your teachers always tell us that you are kind to others and very well behaved. Although, we are working on your listening skills when it comes to "tidying up," apparently you think they are speaking to all of the children but you. You love the water table and the sand table at school and you always speak fondly of your friends. 
Liam, your imagination is vast and hilarious. We love listening to you play with your toys. You love superheroes, Spider-man specifically, your rocket ship, and any type of transportation toy. You are not interested in crafts, but you love play-doh. You've recently become obsessed with watching YouTube videos on the iPad and watch some pretty interesting things ranging from videos of people opening kinder surprise eggs to Russian cartoons. You're an interesting child. 
Your favorite movie is "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" (a Wes Anderson animated film that isn't inappropriate for children, but isn't meant as a children's movie) and we love that we have successfully warped you into our artsy ways. You also love Wallace and Gromit and we still watch our fair share of Peppa Pig. 
I think living here has been a really good thing for you. We are often restricted to our home or just walking around the village since we don't own a car, and I think that the family togetherness has been really good for you. You love to be at home and frequently ask to "stay at my home in my jammies" on school days, even though you love school.  You love to walk to the supermarket and you especially love to pick out a treat. Your favorites are kinder surprise eggs and smarties (which are like m&ms, but tastier). You have your mother's sweet tooth and just the other week told me you were "treat hungry," I completely understand, my darling. 
You really love going to church and playing with your friends there. You have a pretty good understanding of our routines on any given day and you know that Sunday is church day, but since we go in the evening you can get pretty impatient about when we are actually going to get there. 
Judesy is your pesky little brother that you love to play, and fight with. You both already argue over what to watch on the tv and who gets what toy. But you are always really sweet to him. You love to kiss him on the forehead at bedtime and enjoy squeezing his guts with hugs. I love watching your friendship develop and seeing you hold hands in the car or hearing you talk to each other. Your relationship is already a blessing to me. 
Daddy is your favorite person on the planet and you light up like a flame anytime he comes in the room and fall into the depths of despair if he leaves without giving you the appropriate amount, and type (Eskimo, eye hatch) of kisses.  You still love to be held and carried and we are in no hurry for you to grow out of needing that affection. 
Your favorite foods are raspberries, triangle chips (tortilla chips), applesauce, jelly or Nutella sandwiches, smoothies, and blue ice cream. You dislike most other foods, specifically meats and milk. In general, I think you're too busy to be bothered with eating. But you have days where all you do is eat. Typical toddler. 
Liam bird, if you haven't figured it out yet you are extraordinarily loved and cherished by your parents (and many others).  We are so thankful for your life and health and charming sweetness. Being your momma has been a dream come true, and I couldn't think of a more darling child on which to learn the ropes of motherhood. 

Love you forever, and ever,