Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Jude, 4:

Dear Jude Monroe,

FOUR!  You are four years old today, I can't believe it!  You have been so excited for your birthday this year and have planned yourself an elaborate (and imaginary) birthday party that you've invited everyone we know, and every stranger we come across.  Happy Birthday, darling boy!

Judesy, you are a big boy now!  You are toilet trained and you go to nursery school!  You love to learn new things and really enjoy painting and drawing as well as singing and dancing. You are a very out going boy, but still somewhat shy. Your shyness often rears its head in rudeness, (we refer to you as Rude Jude sometimes, sorry) but you are working on it. 

You are the type of person who knows who he is and isn't likely to change. I'm positive you will be just a stubborn and adorable at 80 as you are at 4. You remind me of my precious Peepaw who you nearly share a birthday with and whose family you are named after.  We've said that you were a "tough crowd" since you were tiny and that hasn't changed a bit, you're hard to win over but it's worth all of the effort. 

Some of your favourite things at 4: the colour purple, your beloved bunny, running, the band Jimmy Eat World, minions, my little ponies, Lego, playing on playgrounds, raspberries, French fries, and chicken nuggets.  You dislike: doing anything you don't want to do, long drives, sitting still, blueberries, fizzy drinks, ice cream, and not being the leader. 

Judesy Roe, we love you so very much. And we are so proud of your every move. You have completed our family so well, nobody can imagine you not here, Liam included. Your personality and determination are going to take you far and I'm so glad to have a front row seat to see what you make of your extraordinary life. We are so thankful God chose us to be your mommy and daddy. 

Love you forever, and ever,

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dear Liam: six!

Dearest darling Liam David,

You are the most incredible six year old I've ever known!  It's so easy to celebrate you, especially since you are genuinely thrilled by the smallest of things. Happy sixth birthday, precious boy. 

You are a "big P-2" (your phrase) this year and have settled into school well. You have lovely handwriting and are doing really well with your reading. Most importantly, you love school. I'm so thankful that you are enjoying learning and having fun with your friends!  

Someday, I imagine, you won't be the cuddliest and sweetest boy in the land. But, until that moment, I will enjoy your tender heart and lovely cuddles. You are hands down the most naturally sweet person I've ever met. We tell you all the time that the most important thing you can do is be kind, and I truly think you embody this attribute. 

Liam, you love a laugh! You will go to great lengths to get a laugh from others and you find the humour in everything. Your laugh is big and bold and incredible, I hope that never changes!  You also love love love to dance!  This isn't a new love, but you're really cultivated some new moves recently. 

Everyone always comments on your size. You are currently 50 inches tall and tower over most of your classmates. I'm always amazed that you're so big since you started off so teeny tiny. I pray you keep your sweet spirit and become a gentle giant like your daddy. 

Sweet boy, I am so glad that I get to be your mommy.  You make me proud every day and I'm humbled that I was chosen to raise and shape you. I'm excited to continue to watch you grow and change, I think this year is going to be the best yet!  

Love you forever, and ever,

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jude at 3.5:

Jude was 3 and a 1/2 on May 25th, but I'm just now getting around to writing for him. Whoops. 
*Jude is our little comedian. He loves to make people laugh and has started using "potty humour" to try and get a laugh.  We are working on redirecting this. But goodness, his timing is good. 

*Jude is still a bit of a "tough crowd," he does not enjoy meeting new people and can be quite shy. The trouble is his shyness usually manifests as rudeness. 
*Bunny is still Jude's favourite companion and goes with us most places. 

*Jude's favourite colour is purple and he loves stars, playing with Legos, and play doh. 
*This kid loves to eat. Some favourite foods are potato chips, pancakes, raspberries, yogurt, milk, and any type of candy. 

*Jude is always keen to help me in the kitchen and loves to stand at the stove and watch me cook. 
*Jude is extremely aware of his surroundings and knows his way around town to the point of telling me I'm lost if I take a route other than our usual one.  

*We adore this crazy, wild, determined and hilarious little boy. He loves us passionately and is so proud of his little family. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Liam at 5.5:

Yesterday was Liam's half birthday so I thought it was high time to share a bit and brag on my sweet big boy. 
*Liam is hands down the most genuinely sweet person I've ever known. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. I just love his guts.  

*he loooooooves to be a helper.  If I can phrase an unpleasantry, like cleaning, as a helping task he is generally all over it. 

*at his parent/teacher conference his teacher said that Liam is a "a lovely sweet boy who loves a laugh," I think she knows my boy well. 

*He is doing extremely well at school and thrives on the routine. His handwriting is lovely and he knows all of his phonics sounds and is starting to read!

*Favourite foods are jam sandwiches, triangle (tortilla) chips, McDonalds French fries, blueberries, spinach smoothies, and Jaffa cakes (a type of cookie here).

*He builds elaborate Lego structures on a daily basis and loves to play pretend. 

*Dancing to music and hide and seek are some favourite home activities.

*He loves to pick out clothes on the weekend (he wears a uniform to school), and always wants to show off his "stylish."

*He is definitely picking up a bit of an Irish accent, but more so has adapted to phrases and colloquialisms. He sounds like a proper wee Irish boy, but with an American accent. We love it. 

*Liam is truly a treasure and we are so glad that he's ours!