Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dear Jude: 3 months

Dear Baby Jude,

You are already a quarter of a year old!? You are growing and learning so quickly, it's almost scary! We are loving your emergence into babyhood as you leave those sleepy newborn days.

Buddy, you are all about being your own person, and I love that! You will never be the same as your brother, but it would be okay if you wanted to pick up his sleeping habits. :) That being said, you are not an awesome sleeper. You are very unpredictable. You nap anywhere from 30 minutes-2 hours and your night stretches vary between 3-6 hours. Hopefully, this month you get a little more consistent.

I don't know your exact growth stats, but at your 2 month appointment two weeks ago, you weighed 11.1 pounds and were 22.25 inches long! That puts you in the 15th percentile for both length and weight! You are wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers when you aren't in a cloth diaper. You are getting really good at holding your head up and can almost roll over! You are smiling, cooing, laughing, and kicking. We are so pleased with your growth and development!

You love to eat, baby Jude! During the day you eat every three hours and get up once or twice at night to eat. You've been nursing almost exclusively to this point. You usually have a 5 ounce bottle of breast milk before bed. You do great at taking bottles which is great, starting tomorrow you will be 50% bottle fed while mommy is at work.

Jude, you have two moods: happy and furious! Things that make you happy: mommy, ceiling fans, playing in the floor, milk, funny sounds/faces, white noise, bath time, having your face/head tickled, mornings, kicking your legs, and playing in your bouncy seat. Things that make you furious: having to wait for milk, wet/dirty diapers, burping, afternoons/evenings, and being swaddled when you don't want to be.

Darling boy, you are loved so very much! Your mommy and daddy are so proud of you and your big brother is completely enchanted by you. We are so thankful that you have made us a family of four!

Love you forever, and ever,

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A snow story:

Last Thursday night it started snowing big, fluffy flakes. As they started sticking to the patio we decided that we really wanted to wake Liam up to let him experience the snow falling. He had seen snow a few times but had been too little to play in it until this time.

It was about 11pm when we woke him up, he was so snuggly and confused. We put some boots, a coat, and a hat on him and quickly rushed him outside to make, what we thought would be, awesome memories!

Apparently, Liam does not appreciate being woken up regardless of the reason! He basically screamed and cried the whole three minutes we were outside! In this picture, I was trying to give him a snowball but he was so mad he had his back turned on me!

I'm sure when he is a bit bigger he might enjoy being woken up to play in the snow, but not his time!

Fortunately, we woke up to half an inch of snow on Saturday morning and he was much more excited to play! He and Ryan went sledding (on a trash can lid) in our backyard and played until they were practically icicles!

I bundled Jude into his snowsuit and put him in the ergo carrier to take these pictures. He was so snuggly, and kept me warm!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Liam Lately

*almost always wearing a hat. Sometimes two hats. This blue beanie is his favorite and he's been known to sleep in it from time to time.

*Liam is flat-out in love with his daddy. He cries huge crocodile tears anytime Ryan leaves the house and is constantly saying "HI daddy" and climbing in his lap. Absolutely precious.

*he adores "baby Jude" and is always very concerned when he cries. He loves to "pet" Jude's hair and lay his head on Jude's and say "awwww." We have to watch him because sometimes this turns into a bit of a head butting situation.

*at school, Liam is known as the "one-man welcoming committee." He greets every person he sees with a very loud and enthusiastic, "HI!" We love that friendly spirit!

*He has always slept with a blanket, a lovie, and the light up sea horse that we call "Glowy." We have recently realized that he calls all three of them "gwwowy." They're his little bedtime trinity.

*He says "E-yum Hock" for his name. They "hock" sounds like someone who needs to spit. Hilarious. Amen is "Ha-mean." He loves playing with his trains and does a very good "chugga chugga choo choo" sound effect.

*Always reading, dancing, or counting. And in general, always being awesome! This kid makes my heart melt a million times a day. He is so funny and sweet and I am so blessed to be his mommy!