Monday, February 20, 2012

i am up past my bedtime:

*looking up development milestones on their list is not very helpful.  some things liam isn't close to doing and some things he has been doing for months that he should apparently have just started doing (like flipping pages in books?).  i'm pretty sure we will continue to let him go at his own pace.  he likes to master things before trying them for us to witness

*agonizing over purchasing tickets to Ireland.  we found a great deal, but it does not coincide with our childcare plans.  trying to just let it work out.  it will work out.

*also, dreaming of our Ireland trip and obsessively planning and remembering and looking things up.  so fun.

*thanking the Lord that i, once again, get the opportunity to go to Ireland.

*listening to a sick (hopefully just a cold) baby cough on the monitor.

*thanking the Lord that I have a baby to listen to, i just love him so much.

*contemplating listening to the hunger games trilogy for the 4th time.  yes, i know that makes me a loser, i don't pretend to be cool.

*watching and re-watching videos of my sweet, hilarious, little man-child.

*going to bed.  now.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Latest Obsession:

In the past four days, I have made, and consumed, four toasted marshmallow milkshakes! I know, that's a wee bit ridiculous, but they are addicting! So, I thought I would teach you how to make one and pass my addiction to someone else!

Firstly, you need to toast up some marshmallows, or fannows as my family calls them (thanks to my nephew, Austin). I had no idea how easy this was to do without a campfire! Broil them for about a minute and a half, duh!

You will need 5-6 for your shake and a few more for garnish and general merriment. After 1.5 minutes under the broiler, you get:

Load up your blender with 3-4 big scoops of vanilla ice cream (or yogurt), add about 1/2 cup of milk as well.

Toss 5-6 marshmallows on top and blend to perfection!

It is delightfully sinful and the perfect amount of burnt sugar gooeyness!

Garnish with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate sauce, and a marshmallow! Soooo yummy!

Friday, February 10, 2012


I feel like we have been really busy this month and I haven't taken a lot of time to blog. So, I thought I would do a summary of what we've been up to this month. (edited to add that this was supposed to be posted at the end of January but was trapped on my blogpress app until they released a new update!)

*Another semester has started for Ryan, which means lots of studying, reading, and late nights for him. A couple of weeks ago he was inducted to the Alpha Chi Honors Society. I am so proud of my smart, nerdy, cutie husby!

*My bestie, Mary, came into town from Little Rock for some quality time. We had such a blast! We got a couples massage together and did a whole lot of hanging out! I am so blessed by my friendship with this lady and we always cherish our times together!

Now, and ten years ago as "best best friends" in our high school yearbook. :)

*We took Liam to see the fish at the Bass Pro Shop in town. He seemed pretty unimpressed (as is typical for him), but there were some pretty big fish in those tanks! I was kind of creeped out!

*Ryan and I are obsessed with "Downton Abbey." Have you watched it? Season one is available on Netflix and we are currently watching season two on the PBS website. It's a wonderful show! We have been staying up late watching episodes and drinking tea. Lovely.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

16 Months Old!

Dear Liam Davy,

You are getting to be such a big boy!  I cannot believe that you've been here with us for 16 months already.  We have been having so much fun with you and enjoying this fun, exploratory stage of your life!

At 16 months old, you are into everything!  You have started taking a few steps between things but still aren't technically walking.  Don't worry, this doesn't slow you down a bit!  You are climbing anything you can get a foot on top of and you are crawling faster than ever before.  You have actually adapted a new speed crawl where you keep your left knee on the floor and use your right foot to spur you along.  It's hard to describe, but looks like you have a peg leg or something, I will try to video it if I can keep from laughing long enough.

You are still eating us out of house and home! You will eat anything we give you: lemons, pickles, beans, fish, cinnamon chex, fruit snacks, anything! You absolutely hate waiting to eat once you realize it's time for a meal or that we are getting your milk ready.  Patience is definitely not your strong suit, little man.  You drink 24-30 ounces of whole milk each day and you eat three fairly large meals.  You never really seem to be hungry between meals, but we do give you popsicles in the afternoon from time to time for your teething pain.  Speaking of teeth, your molars are still trying to break through.  All four of them are puffed up and red, it must hurt but you are content with teething tablets and the occasional frozen treat.

You are such a spunky, busy, little man.  You are constantly laughing, squealing, or jabbering on to yourself.  It still seems as if French might be your first language, but you are saying lots of English words, just not often.  Why speak clearly when babbling is so silly?!  Another silly thing you do is wagging your tongue at your reflection, it is so funny!  You see a mirror and you instantly stick your tongue out and slobber all over your chin.

We are so thankful that you love your sleep, little man!  You are still sleeping from 6:30pm to 7:30am, give or take a little bit.  You have phased out your morning nap, but usually take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  You go down easily without fussing or complaining and if you wake up in the night it is very rare.

I don't know your exact weight or height, but we know you are growing!  You have moved up to a size 4 disposable diaper at nighttime (you were wetting too much for cloth diapers) and we have had to readjust the snapping on your cloth diapers during the day.  You are still wearing mostly 12-18 months clothes with a few 18 month jammies.  I can tell you have gained weight because I can barely throw you in the air anymore, I guess I need to hit the weights!  I know you have gotten longer by how much room you take up in your crib, it looks like you are about to out grow it!  We are so thankful for your growth, Liam.  When we are out and about people always comment on your chubby tummy and say you look like you haven't missed a meal.  It seems so strange that you were once so teeny tiny and preemie clothes hung on your little body.  Good job growing big and strong, buddy!

Liam, you are definitely a people person!  You still have never met a stranger and will surprise us by diving into the arms of someone we barely know from time to time (ex: hostess at cracker barrel, customers at mommy's store).  While you are friendly, you are definitely not a cuddle bug like your parents.  You prefer to initiate your cuddles and will occasionally come over and lay your head down on us while you're playing, which is the sweetest thing ever.  In the past month or so you have clearly become a daddy's boy.  You lose your mind when he walks through the door; squealing and laughing in anticipation for him to pick you up!  You also freely cover him with kisses while I have to beg for mine!  However, I can truly say that I'm not jealous, it is so special to see your bond with your sweet daddy.  Most little boys never get as much one-on-one time with their daddies as you do, and it makes going to work easier on me because I know you're both having the time of your lives!

Wiggs, you are truly the greatest blessing we have ever been given.  Not a day goes by that we aren't reminded of how wonderful you have made our lives.  Your mom and dad are obsessed with you, little lad, and I pray that you always know how greatly you are loved.

Love you forever, and ever,

p.s. would you kindly sit down for your pictures next month?