Monday, June 22, 2009

belated birthday

Dear Gus,

You turned one on June 11th and we are so proud of our one year old puppy!

You have brought so much joy to our lives (and we will supposedly live longer because of you) and have been a fun challenge!

We didn't really have an issue with potty training you. Luckily for us, you lived outside until we brought you home so you were used to going outside to potty. Our challenges have involved toilet paper and the destroying of your beds. You love your bed and are constantly chewing and snuggling with it.

We are really strict about what you eat (you have some tummy troubles and food allergies) and we didn't give you treats until you could do tricks for us. Tricks that you do: SIT, STAY, ROLL OVER, CIRCLE DANCE

You are not a very snuggly dog and you prefer to sleep in your own bed than ours. But we know that you love us tremendously. You are very protective of your momma and try to defend me from getting kissed by papa.

Things You are Afraid of:
*the vacuum
*the fan
*the noise of blowing on a bottle
*windshield wipers

We love you buddy boy,
Momma Girl

Monday, June 8, 2009


i love the smell of skunk.
i know it's gross.
but it's true.

i think peanut butter sometimes tastes like coffee.
especially when mixed with chocolate.
i like it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


this summer is the summer of the staycation. we are imploring all friends and relatives to come to nashville and stay at the
...bird's nest b & b...
however, it's a little more bed and booze than bed and breakfast, be forewarned. what can i say, i'd rather go out for brunch at fido or the pancake pantry than make it myself...

over memorial day weekend we hosted ryan's lovely parents and i actually managed to take two days off in a row. we had a blast playing mexican train every night, picnicing at arrington vineyards, taking a drive on the natchez trace parkway, playing with gus, and cooking risotto.

then two of my bffs from my awesome summers working at shepherd's fold came to visit! we also had a blast picnicing at arrington vineyards, watching a sounds baseball game, shopping, laughing, talking, cooking, and consuming wine and popsicles. i love these girls!