Monday, April 16, 2007

i am alive

grey's anatomy. cadbury dark chocolate easter eggs, a fluffy down comforter, and my wife. a perfect evening. I am home.

the ryan hawk family...

us on easter...yay!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

beautiful snowy, and sunny, colorado

my mini-vacation was fantastic! i got to see my husband! i got to see my in-laws! i got to meet their new dog! i got to go to an amazing jackson waters rock show! and i even got to be surprised by my sister & brother-in-law and their beautiful and charming children! that was the best part of all... easter was snowy and miserable. i wore pants instead of my new lavender skirt. monday was sunny and 70 degrees. i went to the park and got sunburned. i flew home on tuesday and have been sick ever since. i'm blaming the crazy weather. i get to see my husband again on monday...good news!

Friday, April 6, 2007

on a jet plane!

wooohoo! after 10 straight days of work and 12 straight days without my husband, i am going to colorado and seeing my husband tonight!!!! yay yay yay! plane leaves in 4 1/2 hours... still haven't packed, showered, or eaten. hmmm... grilled cheese!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

not an option...

so, i was just viewing this site making sure everything looked good when i noticed something that i didn't like. i have signed up to put ads at the bottom of this site. supposedly they use your posting to pick ads that go along with it. however, the particular ad that i saw was about "secret divorce planning." i didn't click on it, because that's one of the rules of having ads on your site. another, is that you won't blog about them...but whatever. now, correct me if i'm wrong, but did i use the word "divorce" anywhere in my last post. pretty sure i didn't. but let me just go ahead and say this. divorce is never an option for us. ever. so there silly ad thingy! what part of forever and ever amen does google not understand? hmmm... they'll probably ban me from ads now.

Monday, April 2, 2007

better late than never...

i really wish that i had started this blog right after we were married, maybe not two seconds after saying "i do," but a little sooner than almost 7 months later. because, oh my gosh, so much has happened. i can't even begin to back track and share the stories, but i will start from here. in two weeks we will be celebrating seven months of marital bliss! :) i am currently working for the great starbucks empire while my husband works for the world--making music for their pleasure. at this moment, i am in nashville and ryan is in california on a tour. which means we are surviving via telephone. which is hard, but rewarding all the same. what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, right? thankfully, we get to see each other in three days in the great state of colorado! yay for seeing my husband! yay for colorado! yay for easter and in-laws and good food and kisses! yay!!!