Thursday, January 29, 2009

still moving in.

we have been working on upacking our house today. this is something that i completely despise, but love once it is completed. it's coming along, slowly but surely. i will give you a tour via pictures sometime soon.
we finally got all of the boxes and tubs from the living area consolidated and moved upstairs for storage. gus has no clue what to do now that he can't run and jump over everything. i thought he would be pleased to be able to see where he was going, but i think the poor guys misses the mess. there was lots for him to chew on. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 random things

1. i am terribly afraid of birds even though i am a hawk now.
2. i also fear fish, love to eat them--hate to swim with them.
3. i am obsessed with rachael ray, she has turned me into a very good and efficient cook--my husband approves.
4. ryan and i want to have 4 children, i will need good babysitters.
5. i hate to put away clothes, i would rather live out of the dryer than put away clothes.
6. i may need to rethink this living in the dryer business because i also hate making multiple trips up and down the stairs in order to get ready in the morning.
7. i love opening my store, but hate waking up so early.
8. if you had told me three years ago that i would be a store manager for starbucks now, i would have never believed you.
9. that being said, i love my job.
10. i never thought i would the type of person who is obsessed with an animal.
11. i am obsessed with my animal, Gus, the cutest miniature schnauzer in the world.
12. he is my fur baby and he is hysterical to watch running up and down the stairs in our new place.
13. we moved again recently.
14. this makes the 5th place that we have lived in our 2.4 years of being hitched.
15. i hate moving a lot. there are a lot of things to put away.
16. i really like our new place. there is a dog park with an obstacle course for Gus.
17. someday i really really hope to live in colorado.
18. i also want to live in arkansas again.
19. however, i am really happy here in tennessee.
20. i eat ice cream every single day. it's low-fat, and yummy.
21. i love hershey's dark chocolate syrup.
22. i don't eat many vegetables, but i am a lot less picky that i used to be.
23. i wish i had more time to do creative stuff like collage and photography.
24. but i am lazy and prefer to lie on the couch in my down time and watch pointless television.
25. i think my life is great.