Monday, August 17, 2009

harry potter has taken over our lives!

so a little less than a month ago ryan and i drove to colorado for a family vacation. now, you might be might be thinking we are crazy since this is a 20 hour (one way) drive and you would be right. we're crazy. but we really had a great time on our drive. ryan decided that he was finally willing to delve into the harry potter universe. so, he bought us the box set and i started reading. out loud. for roughly 20 hours. on our trip alone we read the first two books and half of the third. now that we are no longer on vacation the reading progress has slowed down a lot, but we're still making it happen. we're in the 5th book now and are really having fun reading to each other instead of watching tv. we've been going to bed at least an hour earlier than usual so that we can read. and since we are sharing one car now, when ryan is driving me to and fro work i read (about an hour a day).

i really wasn't sure if ryan would enjoy the series or not. i should have known better though, he is getting really into it. after the first day of reading he started calling gus a muggle lover and we pretend to cast spells all the time. i highly recommend turning off the television and picking up a favorite book and reading aloud to a loved one. so fun!