Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Jude, 4:

Dear Jude Monroe,

FOUR!  You are four years old today, I can't believe it!  You have been so excited for your birthday this year and have planned yourself an elaborate (and imaginary) birthday party that you've invited everyone we know, and every stranger we come across.  Happy Birthday, darling boy!

Judesy, you are a big boy now!  You are toilet trained and you go to nursery school!  You love to learn new things and really enjoy painting and drawing as well as singing and dancing. You are a very out going boy, but still somewhat shy. Your shyness often rears its head in rudeness, (we refer to you as Rude Jude sometimes, sorry) but you are working on it. 

You are the type of person who knows who he is and isn't likely to change. I'm positive you will be just a stubborn and adorable at 80 as you are at 4. You remind me of my precious Peepaw who you nearly share a birthday with and whose family you are named after.  We've said that you were a "tough crowd" since you were tiny and that hasn't changed a bit, you're hard to win over but it's worth all of the effort. 

Some of your favourite things at 4: the colour purple, your beloved bunny, running, the band Jimmy Eat World, minions, my little ponies, Lego, playing on playgrounds, raspberries, French fries, and chicken nuggets.  You dislike: doing anything you don't want to do, long drives, sitting still, blueberries, fizzy drinks, ice cream, and not being the leader. 

Judesy Roe, we love you so very much. And we are so proud of your every move. You have completed our family so well, nobody can imagine you not here, Liam included. Your personality and determination are going to take you far and I'm so glad to have a front row seat to see what you make of your extraordinary life. We are so thankful God chose us to be your mommy and daddy. 

Love you forever, and ever,

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