Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dear Jude: 3

Dear Jude Monroe,

You are three years old, darling boy!  I cannot believe that my baby is so grown up. It seems like mere moments ago that you were born. I cannot imagine life without your sweet self in it, and I am so so thankful that you were chosen to be our son!

Jude, you have enough personality for 10 little boys. You are sassy and sweet, naughty and nice, your are conniving and argumentative and determined to your very core. The word "no" means nothing to you unless you are the one using it. You are brutally honest and tell everyone the truth even if they don't want to hear it. One hilarious quirk is that you are extremely in touch with your emotions. You are very sensitive and prefer crying to reason in most scenarios. You often tell us, "I'm so sad," "I am crying," or "I want to cry." The drama is strong and adorable. 

Of course you are a giant of a three year old, this should come as no surprise. We don't do yearly check ups here so I'm not sure of your actual size, but there are children in Liam's class that you are larger than, and they are at least 1.5 years older than you. 

Your favourite thing on earth continues to be your beloved Bunny. You sometimes call him/her (the gender varies) Bun, but you don't allow the rest of us that privilege. You also love to stay in your p.j.s and snuggle. It is a hassle to get you dressed everyday, I have to say you come by this trait honestly. You love Paw Patrol and Team Umizoomi on TV and we can always count on you to be absorbed in a phone or tablet if one is lying about. 
Counting is one of your favourite things to do and you've recently mastered 1-10. You love to read books and you speak very well for your age. We are so proud of you, sweet boy. 

Jude, you are a loyal little boy and you fiercely love your family. I can't tell you how many times you've rescued me from a bad mood with your love. What a gift. We absolutely cherish you and cannot wait to see what great and mighty things you do in this life. 

Love you forever, and ever,

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