Saturday, April 2, 2016

Liam at 5.5:

Yesterday was Liam's half birthday so I thought it was high time to share a bit and brag on my sweet big boy. 
*Liam is hands down the most genuinely sweet person I've ever known. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. I just love his guts.  

*he loooooooves to be a helper.  If I can phrase an unpleasantry, like cleaning, as a helping task he is generally all over it. 

*at his parent/teacher conference his teacher said that Liam is a "a lovely sweet boy who loves a laugh," I think she knows my boy well. 

*He is doing extremely well at school and thrives on the routine. His handwriting is lovely and he knows all of his phonics sounds and is starting to read!

*Favourite foods are jam sandwiches, triangle (tortilla) chips, McDonalds French fries, blueberries, spinach smoothies, and Jaffa cakes (a type of cookie here).

*He builds elaborate Lego structures on a daily basis and loves to play pretend. 

*Dancing to music and hide and seek are some favourite home activities.

*He loves to pick out clothes on the weekend (he wears a uniform to school), and always wants to show off his "stylish."

*He is definitely picking up a bit of an Irish accent, but more so has adapted to phrases and colloquialisms. He sounds like a proper wee Irish boy, but with an American accent. We love it. 

*Liam is truly a treasure and we are so glad that he's ours!

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